Tyson Kidd on In-Ring Return — “Never Say Never”

Tyson Kidd, who suffered a neck injury that effectively ended his in-ring career, won’t rule out attempting to return to the squared circle.

Kidd talked with WSVN reporter Chris Van Vilet at a Saturday event in Florida about the 2015 muscle buster from Samoa Joe that broke his neck. Despite the severity of the injury, Kidd says you can “never say never” about returning to the ring.

“I’m happy with my job now, I enjoy it. I actually love it,” said Kidd. “I do feel fulfillment with what I’m doing now, so it’s hard to say.”

Kidd is a backstage producer with WWE. By all accounts, he’s helped put together some of the top matches over the last year. Even so, you can tell he’s not ready to say his career is over.

“After being temporarily paralyzed, it puts a lot of things in perspective,” Kidd added. “I always say never say never because down the road who knows, but at the moment I’m more than content doing what I’m doing.”

The former WWE tag team champ went on to say he hasn’t taken a bump in three years.

Kidd also talked about the moment he was injured, day-to-day role of a producer, and crowd reaction to the Dolph Ziggler- Seth Rollins Iron Man Match. 

Watch the interview below.

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