Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze — Launch GoFundMe to Help Victims of Alberta Wildfire

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Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze have joined together in hopes of raising money for those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire that’s currently raging in Canada — and they’re asking for your support.

The WWE Superstars launched a GoFundMe page Saturday and Owens explains, “As I watched the footage on the news, I decided I wanted to try and help. It turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking that because fellow Canadian Tyler Breeze was also trying to figure out how to help these people.”

He adds, “So today, we come together in hopes of being able to raise money to help the victims of the fire get back on their feet. All the proceeds from this campaign will go to the Canadian Red Cross.”

K.O. says those who match their $100 donations will receive a personal video message from both wrestlers — and anyone who donates at all will get a follow on Twitter.

“It’s not much but this is about giving to those in need of help and with the crazy schedule we keep, it’s the best we can think of. We appreciate any help we can get with this campaign.”

The donation page can be FOUND HERE.