Kevin Owens Says He Doesn’t Pull Pranks On Anyone But Sami Zayn

Credit: WWE

WWE star Kevin Owens has made a shocking confession regarding his locker room antics … he only ribs Sami Zayn!

Owens was talking about his real-life friendship with his Quebecois in an interview with Metro’s Alistair McGeorge. The topic of ribbing came up, and Owens confessed that Sami is the only person in the locker room on whom he pulls pranks.

“I’m not sure if he ever manages to get me, but if he does the score is definitely in my favor,” Owens said. “I don’t really pull ribs on anyone but Sami, to be honest. I love startling him.”

KO then shared a couple of ribbing stories involving himself and Zayn.

“I think we were on our way to an airport, it was about 3am, we were the only ones there. I came out before he did, so I just hid behind the door,” he said. Obviously, Owens jumped out from the darkness and frightened the life out of his friend.

Owens pulled a similar prank in a car when Sami fell asleep and Owens screamed to wake him up. Naturally, that story ended with KO getting punched.