Kevin Owens “Injured” On SmackDown

Credit: WWE

Kevin Owens has sustained a nasty injury after being thrown through a table by WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

WWE confirmed KO’s injury via a statement on their website:

“After the attack by Universal Champion¬†Roman Reigns¬†and Jey Uso on Friday Night SmackDown, Kevin Owens was taken to a local medical facility where he was diagnosed with a spinal contusion and bruised kidneys.

It all went down on the New Year’s Day edition of SmackDown on Fox.

Kevin Owens defeated Roman’s cousin/crony Jey Uso in the main event, but continued to beat him down after the bell. KO handcuffed Jey to the ropes and attempted to lure Roman out from the back. Owens then removed Jey from the ropes and handcuffed his wrists together. The pair ended up near the LED SuperDome screens, and KO set up a table.

Before Owens could put through Uso through the table, Roman ambushed him. Reigns and Uso beat the hell out of Owens and launched him from a elevated platform through the table below.

You can watch the whole episode below. Skip to around the 1:20 mark to see the shocking climax.