WWE Fails at Attempt to Censor Kevin Owens ‘Whale’s Vagina’ Comment on Talking Smack (VIDEO)

vagina whale's kevin owens talking smack censor fail video

Talking Smack censors were thrown for a loop tonight when Kevin Owens tried to say “whale’s vagina” during the show — and their attempt to bleep his comment was a total failure.

For those who missed SmackDown Live this week, AJ Styles referred to Owens as “Ron Burgundy’s definition of San Diego” — a whale’s vagina for anyone like KO who didn’t initially get the Anchorman reference — but Kevin told Renee Young/Daniel Bryan that he now got the joke.

The SD Live GM asked what it meant and Kevin attempted to answer, but producers somehow managed to only censor the words around vagina.

Check out the clip below (but we recommend watching the full, hilarious segment on WWE Network)