Kenny Omega — EPIC ‘Terminator’ Entrance at Wrestle Kingdom 11 (VIDEO)

kenny omega wrestle kingdom 11 entrance terminator video

Triple H has already done a WrestleMania entrance inspired by The Terminator … but Kenny Omega may have beaten the WWE exec at his own game last night at Wrestle Kingdom 11.

The entrance began with a video on the jumbo screen that featured Omega parodying the movie’s famous scene that showed Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s character arriving naked in the past.

Kenny then beats up 3 dudes to takes their clothes — just like the flick — before entering the Tokyo Dome with a sawed-off shotgun and metal face mask to mimic the character.

For those who don’t recall, Triple H made a similarly themed entrance at WrestleMania 31.

Watch the video below and let us know who you think did it better in the comments.