Kenny Omega Responds to Booking Criticisms of AEW Women’s Division

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AEW’s women’s division has received criticism from fans since Dynamite began and Kenny Omega gave his thoughts on the matter today during a Q&A session.

Omega opened his Twitter to “non-troll questions” on Thursday and many asked about the booking of AEW women’s division, as he has involvement in it.

“Lately, most “criticisms” I read are incredibly ignorant,” he responded to one fan who specifically asked about them as whole. “Depressing the amount of fans that have absolutely no class. That being said, I do try to sift through those to get to the actual constructive criticism.”

In response to another fan who said they felt like AEW failed to make their women’s division mean something last year, Kenny replied: “We’ve had fantastic performances from our women that had our arenas shaking. Literally the loudest reactions on the show at times. Where was the failure? What were you hoping to see?”

The AEW Executive Vice President also admits they’re still developing “the face of the women’s division,” but says he believes Riho has proven to be an inspiration, Hikaru Shida is the complete package and Kris Statlander has shown she can take the division to the next level.

As for his own career, Kenny says he’s doesn’t mind taking a smaller role on TV to help other performers get over. “You’ll still see me do what I do best on occasion though,” he added. “More and more as time goes by.”

“I lived out mostly all of my dreams during the last run I had and now a big part of my current dream is seeing a new generation thrive.”

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