Kenny Omega Sounds Off on Dominik Dijakovic and Reaction to NXT Comments

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Kenny Omega cut an in-character promo on the latest “Being the Elite” in which he touched on fan anger over his comments towards NXT’s roster and the reaction from Dominik Dijakovic.

This week’s BTE ends with Omega giving an insincere apology to the fans and wrestlers for calling NXT stars “developmental talent” who would be in dark matches on the same show as him.

The camera continues to roll after he’s done though. Kenny tells the people in the room that he thinks fans will buy that apology and that Tony Khan was “fuming” over the comments he wasn’t supposed to make. “I would see so many burner accounts from the wrestlers, and I know it’s from the wrestlers because they’re even bigger marks than the people that fill the seats,” Omega added. 

He then turned his attention to NXT wrestler Dominik Dijakovic.

As you’ll recall, Dijakovic responded to Kenny last week and reminded him that he and Keith Lee stole the show in PWG when they were on the same card as Omega in 2017. 

Here’s what Kenny said about it, albeit in-character, on Being the Elite:

“I’ll tell you one guy, and I’ll give him a little bit of credit. It is … he’s some sort of ROH guy. Tall, lanky guy. Donovan. His name starts with a D … I don’t even know what it is.”

[Someone off camera says “they’ve never said it on TV, so how could you?]

“::laughing:: BOOM! BOOM! He’s not even used. Ok? But I can see him. Donovon Dickhead. Right? Sitting there, ‘now Triple H will push me. I’m gonna get the TV time now! I’m gonna stand up for the team.’ I speak a promo in-character, ok? Is he mad that I said bad things about Jon Moxley?! No! How many fans do you think came to me and said, ‘Kenny, not cool bro! You really want to hurt Jon Moxley?! You’re not sympathetic to his injury?!’ How many people do you think f*cking said that?! No, its these children. It’s these people that barely have a grasp on the English language and they’re tweeting at me saying, ‘How dare you say that these guys are developmental talent! They’re not developmental and they’re better than you actually! They did more for the business than you!’ Ok ….”

“You want f*cking reality?! You know how many match of the year awards I have? You know how many records I f*cking broke?! I shattered. And no one is ever gonna re-break them.”

“People in Japan are still trying on a daily basis to be the next Kenny Omega. They’re trying so hard.”

“Every last word I said. They knew. They could sense it. They know when I’m in character, but they also know when I’m dishing it out a little bit. Ok? And so, whatever. 

Omega then notices the camera filming and the show comes to an end. 

Watch this week’s Being the Elite below.

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