Kenny King Makes Dramatic Exit From “The Bachelorette” (VIDEO)

kenny king departs bachelorette video

ROH wrestler Kenny King did not win The Bachelorette this season … however, he did win hearts across the country due to his reason for exiting the show.

Following an intense argument with another contestant that lead to Kenny saying he’d “drag his d*ck” across the guy’s grave, King was surprisingly kept around for more time with Rachel Lindsay.

But later in the night he was brought to tears while talking to his daughter on the phone and admitted to producers, “There’s nothing that calls you to question more what you’re doing than being away from your child.”

Kenny then met with Rachel and said, “I’m just not necessarily 100 percent comfortable in where we’re at. I just don’t know if our relationship has grown in the ways I would have liked it to have grown.”

King at this point admitted he was too “defensive and protective” of his daughter to let her get “caught up in what this is if that didn’t play out” — and both sides said goodbye before he left the show.

Watch the video of his exit below.