Kenny Dykstra — Fired From Day Job For Missing Work, Still Not Signed To Full-Time WWE Deal

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The Spirit Squad‘s Kenny Dykstra has a little less to be cheerful about this holiday season … because the male cheerleader was fired from his day job for missing work to wrestle for WWE.

Sources tell us Dykstra was given the axe at the non-profit charity he was a director at due to missing an excessive amount of days. However, the 30-year-old was completely understanding.

The former tag-team champion returned to WWE last month and has been used regularly on SmackDown Live since re-appearing with his partner Mikey.

We’re told Kenny felt that missing work to try getting re-signed, as well as live out his dream once again, was worth the risk. Nothing official has been offered to him at this point in time.

It did happen for James Ellsworth though, so anything is possible.