Kelly Kelly Backstage at Raw … Hints Possible WrestleMania 33 Appearance (VIDEO)

kelly kelly backstage raw wrestlemania 33 video

If you’ve been clamoring for the return of Kelly Kelly, your wish may soon come true — because the ex-WWE star hinted at a possible WrestleMania 33 appearance this week while backstage at Raw.

Kelly — aka WAGS star Barbie Blank — was interviewed by while attending Monday night’s show and said she came because she lives in Las Vegas, where Raw was held.

Blank was asked whether we might see her at WM33¬†and she said, “There is definitely a chance.”

Adding, “I will be doing Axxess signing, which, I cannot wait. So, please come out and say hi, cause I can’t wait. It’s been a few years since I’ve been away, so I love meeting the fans. Yeah, so look forward to that … and … ya never know. Maybe something else.”

Watch the video and let us know in the comments if a Kelly Kelly return is something you’d care to see.

3 Comments on "Kelly Kelly Backstage at Raw … Hints Possible WrestleMania 33 Appearance (VIDEO)"

  1. I completely forgot about her existence and I’m not interested in her returning

  2. I’m hoping Kelly Kelly makes a appearance at WM 33.

  3. “Vince, we have Barbie Blank in the building.”
    “You know.. Kelly Kelly.”
    “She performed with us for years, Vince.”
    “Don’t care.”
    “After WWE, she married an NHLer and made a new name for herself on one of those ‘Wives’ reality shows.”
    “WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO, PAL? Bring her in and put a camera on her — let’s milk this. I’ll even pretend I remember who she is.”

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