Update on Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have been keeping busy behind the scenes since their release from WWE … and now they’re close to finalizing deals in the States.

Sources tell us Impact Wrestling has been heavily pursuing the tag team in order for them to appear at Slammiversary next month.

The advertisement for the event claims that on July 18th, the date of the pay-per-view, the world of Impact Wrestling will change. The most recent commercial features footage of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, amongst other recently released talent from WWE. Impact has also been teasing the arrival of a former World champion in the advertisements.

Our sources say Impact has offered Gallows and Anderson incredibly strong deals that would allow them to work with New Japan once that’s a possibility, both in a legal sense and from a travel sense due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

For those unaware, Impact VP Scott D’Amore has a long history with both Anderson and Gallows, so all three working together wouldn’t be out of left field. D’Amore has known Anderson since he first broke into the business and even tried bringing him into TNA once. Scott also pushed Gallows to go to Japan to team with Karl for the first time and was a member of Bullet Club at one point.

As for “TalkNShopAMania,” which the duo have been hyping on social media, there’s word going around that it will be much more than just their podcast filmed on video. We’re told if everything goes to plan, it could possibly be the start of their own side promotion of sorts.

Gallows and Anderson will make their official announcements regarding future plans on July 18th when their no compete clauses with WWE expire.

Stay tuned.

21 Comments on "Update on Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows"

  1. I love carl and anderson!i think they did a good job with aj styles

  2. Its Karl and Luke lol

  3. david A haskell | June 27, 2020 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    U think gallos and Anderson are a great tag team. They were underutilized in wwe. They might be better off someplace else like aew

  4. It’s Karl Anderson. With a K.

  5. It’s GALLOWS. See the play on words?

  6. One of the most underutilized tag team in the business!! Good luck guys at a better environment!!!

  7. I love the English teachers that set around waiting to see maybe some one not real smart maybe making a mistake. Your a bully probabably have been since your childhood days. Do you know you crush somebody by this. I read it I knew who they was talking about. Good enough for me lighten up people lifes to dsmn short

  8. Go to impact a beat. That stupid north team for them belts

  9. Impact just got rid of Tessa Blanchard, so that frees up some extra money. And NWA isn’t an Option. And AEW is tag team Heavy right now.

  10. Festus rocks

  11. Luke gallows appeared in impact in the past by being apart of aces & eights before going to njpw and wwe. so this would be a great opportunity to see him again and how much he’s evole since then by being apart of the bullet club even after wwe buried the brand and made them a joke for so many years impact will give them a chance to shine unlike anywhere else and make slammiversary one of the greatest ppv debut yet at iMPACT

  12. Good riddance. Never liked you much in WWE. Maybe you can get a few fans in some other brand!

  13. I don’t think they belong there in the first place.

  14. I loves lou gollohes and kal Amersham. Grate bEat good tag teams 🤘🤘🤑

  15. Oh my god. It’s AJ’S cry babies joining TNA wrestling

  16. Why does vince hate jews?

  17. If anybody seen impact wrestling this week and the end of show D-low brown was on phone and said i can’t wait to get the family back together.
    Yes he’s Talking about
    Ace’s of 8’s
    Oh yeah that part of a group Luke Gallows used to be part of.

  18. Andre Lamont Chambers | June 28, 2020 at 3:10 am | Reply

    Please go to AEW. I think that’s the best place for them. Impact wrestling to me is boring and I don’t think it would be a great fit. I know AEW would be great for them and they would have more opportunities there as well

  19. Peter Dickson | June 28, 2020 at 7:06 am | Reply

    Jessica Blanchard (aka) Tessa should join her dad Telly Blanchard in AEW form the women’s Four horsemen and leave AAA down in Mexico also!!!!!! On the subject of Gallows and Anderson they should go back to NJPW so they won’t need to start over and go back and forth to AEW!!! It’s simple thinking 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 And we all know who Inpacts surprise is it’s EC3 👎👎👎

  20. Biscuits and gravy

  21. Hi there I am big fan of the super star Alex bless and Nikki cross also Becky lying to me thinking near future meetings one Angel contact chotte

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