Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Confirm Impact Wrestling Signings (VIDEO)

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Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows have confirmed they signed with Impact Wrestling.

Gallows and Anderson dropped a video at midnight that begins with the duo talking about how everyone wants to know where they’ll be going now that they’re free to work wherever.

It’s then revealed that they are standing inside of an Impact ring where Slammiversary will be taking place on Saturday evening. “The rumors are true. The internet buzz was correct. We have officially signed with Impact Wrestling,” Gallows says.

According to sources, the duo signed a two-year deal which allows them to work dates for New Japan when the opportunity is available once again.

“It’s midnight. We’re live. And we’re going to be live on pay-per-view tonight for Slammiversary,” Gallows exclaims in the video. It’s good brother time, baby!”

Watch the video below, which also includes a teaser for their Talk ‘N Shop A Mania special and an in-depth interview on the end of their run in WWE hosted by Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin.

7 Comments on "Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows Confirm Impact Wrestling Signings (VIDEO)"

  1. Aew that wood be cool

  2. Ronald Dunaway | July 18, 2020 at 9:51 am | Reply

    Should have gone to MLW. They’d easily be in the top position…plus a Call n Erich/Good Bros feud would be TOO SWEET!

  3. Ronald Dunaway | July 18, 2020 at 9:53 am | Reply

    I said Von Erich…not Call n Erich . Stupid predictive text

  4. Best place for those jerks to end their careers.

  5. It’s very gud lukin

  6. WWE don’t know how to use legit tag teams anymore, too focused on solo stars. Great move leaving, Impact has had better days. Maybe they can get more buzz going there.

  7. Who cares they’re trash anyway.Gallows looks like he’s done some juice or test..but he still cannot wrestle his way out of a paper bag!!

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