Kane Wins Mayoral Race in Knox County, Tennessee

kane wins mayor knox county

BAH GAWD! It’s the Big Red Mayor! Glenn Jacobs, better known to wrestling fans as WWE’s Kane, easily won the race for mayor of Knox County in Tennessee.

With the early vote counted, Jacobs jumped out to a 34-point lead on Democrat Linda Haney. Jacobs scored 67 percent of the early vote compared to Haney’s 33 percent. As the votes continued to come in, Jacobs held onto his advantage eventually earning some 25,000 more votes than his opponent.

“This professional wrestler got into a no-hold barred, last man standing match — and when the bull rung, he was victorious,” Jacobs told supporters after he was declared the winner.

Knox County is a heavily red-leaning portion of Tennessee. As we reported earlier this week, Jacobs, the Republican candidate in the race, was the favorite to win the race.

With the victory, Jacobs becomes the first active member of WWE’s roster to serve as mayor.

According to a local reporter, WWE had a film crew following Kane all day … so hopefully we get to see the footage in a special down at some point.