AEW Adds More Talent To Its Broadcast Team

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AEW has added a former WWE ring announcer and an up-and-coming backstage interviewer to its broadcast team.

On the latest edition of the “Road to Double or Nothing” web series, the company confirmed that Justin Roberts and Alicia Atout would be joining the team as a ring announcer and backstage correspondent respectively.

“She’s developed quite a reputation as the interview queen,” AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes said of Atout during the episode.

“I made the decision to hire Justin Roberts as the AEW ring announcer because his voice is crystal clear,” the company’s Chief Brand Officer Brandi said later in the episode. “You can count on Justin to make everything feel that much more special.”

Both Atout and Roberts were members of the All In broadcast team last year.

As we previously reported, Jim Ross has also officially signed with AEW. 

Check out the full episode below.