Justin Credible Attempts to Hijack Wrestling Show While Allegedly Intoxicated (VIDEO)

justin credible hijack wrestling show attempt allegedly intoxicated

Former WWE wrestler Justin Credible caused quite a scene last night in Connecticut, as he attempted to hijack a wrestling show while allegedly under the influence.

It all went down during Blitzkrieg Pro’s event in Enfield on Friday night after Credible rolled into the ring and began to stumble around demanding a microphone.

Wrestlers can then be heard asking each other if the situation is a shoot.

The next few minutes are filled with the roster/staff asking Justin to leave the ring, which he refuses, and it eventually leads to the promoter getting involved. The promoter says, “You were my hero growing up! I swear to God. And you are a freaking disgrace right now.”

He continued, “I’m the guy that’s paying you tonight and asked you not to come here because you reek like booze and you tell everybody that you’re sober. You’re not. And all these people paid to see you and you’re in there glossed over, stumbling everywhere. GET OUT!”

Credible announced he was going to WWE sponsored rehab back in July after posting an alarming video on the internet. However, he never stopped posting things on social media and we were never able to confirm he actually went to rehab.

After leaving the ring, Justin comes out again minutes later in attempt to once again get the microphone. He is denied and finally walks away from the ring.