Justin Credible Agrees to Help from DDP After Recent Relapse (VIDEO)

justin credible diamond dallas page relapse help video

Justin Credible says he’s agreed to get help from Diamond Dallas Page after relapsing this weekend at a wrestling show and causing a scene.

Credible posted a video update saying he “f*cked up” and embarrassed himself this weekend by getting drunk at a Blitzkrieg Pro event and attempting to hijack the show.

“I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me, or to forgive me, all I’m saying is I’m about to take a journey.” He continued, “I talked to Dallas today, just a couple of minutes ago, and he told me to make a video and we’re gonna track every little thing.”

Justin is also adamant that he’s been going to therapy through the WWE Wellness Program and just had a bad night on Friday.

“All I want from this is to redeem myself for me and for my family and hopefully the few fans I have out there and the few people that do care about me.” Adding, “I’ve fallen. And I’ve fallen hard. And I’m picking myself back up.”

Watch his full video update below, in which he also thanks Sean Waltman aka X-Pac, WWE and a few others for helping him out during this difficult time.