JTG Launches All-Natural Beard Care Product Line

Former WWE star JTG is getting into the beard business. Technically, the sexy beard business.

The Cryme Tyme wrestler turned actor, and now entrepreneur, has launched his own all-natural line of beard care products called “Sexy As Hell Beard Care.”

JTG, real name Jayson Paul, says he had been experimenting with how to care for his beard since deciding to grow it out in the summer of 2016. As his beard continued to improve, he says others starting asking him for advice. Hence, the new beard care line.

Paul says his all-natural products will prevent split ends, moisturize, stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, help treat grey hairs, and give your beard a “sexy as hell” scent. And who doesn’t want to smell sexy as hell?

“With the knowledge I picked up along my beard journey, I’m ready to share it with the world and make beards across America healthy,” Paul said in a Facebook post introducing his product.

Items are pretty affordable: ranging from $13-$22. Combo packages are available from $32-$45.

Check out the line of products by CLICKING HERE.