The Young Bucks DO NOT Like Josh Barnett’s NJPW Commentary (AUDIO)

josh barnett young bucks njpw commentary audio x pac

The Young Bucks know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea … but when it comes to Josh Barnett, they take issue with the way he talks about them on NJPW commentary.

On the latest episode of X-Pac 12360, host Sean Waltman asked Matt and Nick Jackson about their issues with Barnett’s commentary and brief confrontation during the G1 Special.

Matt explained, “I feel like he should just be doing his job instead of trying to get whatever he wants over for himself. He has a certain style that he likes and it comes across so much … like obviously, Josh doesn’t like this style.” Nick elaborated by adding, “Announcers are not supposed to get themselves over. You’re supposed to get the product over.”

Matt then swapped the focus back to what he said during the G1 Special.

I just said, ‘Are you burying us again, man?’ Cause that’s what he’s doing. I’ve literally watched matches that I have loved of ours, and I’ve heard his commentating. And the matches are less great with his commentating. And like, he can bury us and stuff and he doesn’t like our style of wrestling. That’s fine. I don’t like his style of commentating.”

When asked if they exchanged words with Josh backstage, both said no. 

Listen to the interview below.