Jordan Myles Responds to WWE Statement on T-Shirt Controversy, “WWE Doesn’t Care About Black People”

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Jordan Myles has responded to WWE’s statement about his controversial t-shirt, claiming he was uncomfortable with it from the beginning but was told Triple H wanted the design.

As we previously reported … the combination of a black shirt, red lips and white teeth makes the design look similar to racist blackface and “Sambo” imagery used to put down African Americans.

WWE released a statement last night saying Myles collaborated with them on the design and approved it for sale before it was put on their website.

Now, Jordan has responded saying he was uncomfortable with the design from the moment he saw it.

“When I originally saw the design I was uncomfortable,” Myles tweeted. “Rather than addressing the issue I decided to counter offer with another. Baker Landon lied to my face! He said HHH wanted this design so my hands were tied. I spoke with [Triple H] in person and his impression was I approved.”

The 31-year-old wrestler tweeted a screen shot of an email correspondence on the matter with Landon, who is Creative Services Talent Coordinator at NXT, seen below. 

Hey Albert,

Triple H attended a meeting and had a revision for your logo, but loved it for your character. He wanted to the letter to be more “teethy” and what I have attached is what he liked.

Also have basic t-shirts on there that he approved as well. Road Dogg preferred the gray, but let us know what you think!

Thanks, Baker

Myles also shared a video of himself saying, “WWE doesn’t care about black people” while throwing up a middle finger at the camera. 

In addition, he wrote the following: “THE WHOLE WWE SYSTEM IS FRAUD! THEY CREATED THIS SYSTEM WHERE YOU CANT TRUST ANYONE, YOU GROW COLD, AND YOU GROW APART FROM WHAT YOU LOVE THE MOST! The fact that [Hulk Hogan] is still employed after giving the locker room an apology for being caught says enough. #ForTheCulture.”

UPDATE: Myles deleted the video, seen below, not long after posting it on Twitter. He also confirmed he approved the design, but says it was shown to him on a white background. That tweet was also later deleted.