Jon Moxley Makes Surprise Indie Appearance to Answer Killer Kross’ Challenge

jon moxley killer kross surprise appearance match wrestle

Killer Kross got what he was looking for last night in Las Vegas after Jon Moxley answered his recent challenge at an indie event. 

Future Stars of Wrestling’s “Natural Born Killers” event took place Friday night in Las Vegas and Moxley made a surprise appearance to wrestle Killer Kross, who was there with Scarlett Bordeaux.

As you may recall, Kross made an awesome video last month calling Mox out.

Unfortunately, the match ended in a no contest. Both wrestlers then beat up security guards afterward who were trying to break them apart. Moxley also got on the microphone and said Kross has now earned his respect, so he’d like to finish this in the future. 

Watch some of the clips from social media below.