Jon Moxley — AEW Debut Was Highlight of My Career, ‘Totally Trumps’ Winning WWE Title

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Jon Moxley — who wrestled at WrestleMania and once won the WWE Championship — says his surprise debut at Double or Nothing this weekend was the highlight of his career.

Mox was interviewed by a radio show called Flip the Strip and explained that the appearance at Double or Nothing means more to him than winning the WWE Championship.

“Across the street from MGM Grand a few years ago at T-Mobile [Arena] I won the WWE title, the title that I wanted to win as a kid ever since I saw Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Iron Man match over that title … I went and did that. That was pretty cool. This totally trumps that,” Moxley stated.

Adding, “To stand on my own two feet, no WWE involvement whatsoever — even though they obviously made my name … but 12,000 people, or however many people were there, chanting Moxley was an indescribably satisfying feeling.”

Moxley also covers topics such as his interview with Chris Jericho, his reaction to Cody Rhodes smashing a throne, All Elite Wrestling being “for the boys by the boys,” a phone call he received this week from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more. 

Listen to the full interview below.