Singer Sparks TakeOver: Chicago Speculation, Says She’s Recording New Johnny Gargano Theme

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The rumor mill for NXT TakeOver: Chicago is about to be in full swing … because there’s a singer who claims she’s recording Johnny Gargano‘s new theme — but she didn’t mention his partner.

A singer named Hope Vista tweeted on Monday night saying, “Tomorrow I am recording lead vocals for WWE star ‘s theme for when he enters the ring. Shall be interesting.”

Before you go into full panic mode … it’s possible the singer just didn’t think about her wording and the song is simply for #DIY/Tommaso Ciampa as well.

However … the team has seemingly run it’s course. Especially if they’re unable to regain the tag titles on Sunday. So a turn, presumably by Ciampa, would only seem to make sense.

Get your Glorious Bombs in while you can.

(unless this is just an error on the singer’s part and there’s nothing to see here)

UPDATE: The tweet has now been deleted.