Johnny Gargano — The ‘Glorious Bomb’ Turned CWC Tragedy into Triumph

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Glorious Bombs are bringing joy to people all across the internet … but according to Johnny Gargano, it all started with a big letdown for wrestlers participating in the Cruiserweight Classic.

Gargano spoke on the origin of the Glorious Bomb with This is Awesome Wrestling Show saying, “… we were doing walkthroughs for the Cruiserweight Classic and they played this ‘Glorious’ song …  And we all thought that was going to be the theme song for the show.” Adding, “So we all got excited! Like, this is our song! This song rules!”

But then, tragedy struck. The guys were informed that the theme was actually for Bobby Roode.

He and tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa just couldn’t let it go though. Every time they saw Bobby, they’d go up to him and start singing his song — and one day, Gargano got the bright idea to film it.

Roode agreed to participate and the rest is viral video history.

Fun fact: Gargano says Triple H is a fan of the Glorious bombs. Hear him explain below.