WATCH: John Oliver Continues Crown Jewel Criticism With Proposed Advertisement

john oliver last week tonight crown jewel video

If you thought John Oliver recently taking WWE to task on “Last Week Tonight” was bad, wait until you see the latest Crown Jewel piece they aired on the show.

Oliver dedicated a few minutes of Sunday night’s episode to further discuss Crown Jewel, but in much more detail than last week’s edition

First, he showed the clip of Titus O’Neil face-planting during Greatest Royal Rumble and said the fall happening right after announcers talked about O’Neil meeting Saudi princes on the trip was a perfect encapsulation of WWE’s relation with Saudi Arabia.

The HBO host then mentioned John Cena reportedly pulling out of the event, Undertaker being boo’ed for mentioning Crown Jewel at SmackDown and WWE using an insensitive photo on Instagram this month to promote the event.

Because of all these things, Oliver suggests WWE takes a new approach in promoting Crown Jewel with a new marketing strategy his staff put together for the company.

WARNING: It’s very sarcastic and not an actual suggestion.