John Cena Unveils Oddly Hilarious ‘Proudly American’ SKYY Vodka Ad (VIDEO)

john cena skyy vodka commercial proudly american

John Cena had his Twitter followers scratching their heads on Tuesday morning after sharing a bizarre, yet hilarious advertisement for SKYY Vodka in which he’s the star.

The 23-second clip for SKYY’s “Proudly American” campaign shows Cena serenading Lady Liberty while seemingly paying homage to ’90s boy band videos.

“I was really drawn to the fact that it was titled ‘Proudly American.’ I am a proud patriot, and I think a patriot first, above all,” the WWE star told Business Insider in an interview about the campaign (which also includes an ad featuring a more serious tone SEEN HERE).

Cena continued, “I think, no matter what the situation — if it’s hard political times or if it’s everybody playing nice together — the message of embracing diversity is important every single day, no matter where you are on your history timeline.”

Watch the bizarre boy band related commercial below.