John Cena — Impersonates Hulk Hogan in Gawker Related Sketch (VIDEO)

John Cena Hulk Hogan Gawker sketch video nbc maya and marty

Whatcha gonna do when John Cena nails a spot on impression of Hulk Hogan in a Gawker-related sketch on NBC? If you watch this video, you’ll more than likely laugh pretty hard.

The 15 time champ appeared on the new show Maya and Marty and was playing himself auditioning for the role of Hulk in a People vs. OJ Simpson-inspired series on the Gawker trial.

Only problem, Cena had to audition against David Schwimmer — played by Martin Short — and the casting directors are clearly fans of the FX series he starred on as Robert Kardashian.

Watch the video to find out who gets the role, brother!