John Cena — CLEARED (In Legal Battle With Construction Worker)

John Cena Wins lawsuit cleared court construction worker wwe wrestling

A construction worker who sued John Cena was just hit with an attitude adjustment in court — in a legal, non-violent, manner that is — after a judge dismissed his almost 3 year-old lawsuit.

Cena was sued in 2013 by Dale Ducharme who claimed he was severely injured on the job after John let him use defective scaffolding on his property.

Ducharme sued for over $15K … demanding damages for his medical bills, injuries and loss of wages.

The case has been pending in Florida court for years, with both sides battling it out leading up to a possible court room showdown — but according to court docs obtained by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the judge presiding over the case came back with a decision last month before it was needed.

The order states that due to the evidence presented by both parties … there is no concrete evidence to show that the scaffolding was defective or damaged. Further, it states Cena did not, or could not, have known the condition of the scaffolding.

The judge dismissed all claims against Cena and awarded the man nothing.