Joey Styles — Released From WWE

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Joey Styles was recently released from WWE.

No word as to when the release went down exactly, but his last tweet was on July 29th — just days after a Facebook Q&A he participated in that was described as Joey’s shoot interview.

Styles was extremely open during the chat and talked about not liking the name of the Universal Championship, hating the 3-man commentary booth and why Vince loves Roman Reigns.

Unclear if Joey’s honesty had anything to do with his release, but the video has since been pulled from WWE’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Styles was an announcer in WWE from 2005-2008 and then transitioned into a position for the company’s website.  He was eventually promoted to Vice President of Digital Media Content.

He was also the famous voice of ECW throughout it’s entire run.

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  1. I wonder if his contract didn’t just expire. He’s been getting more and more brave on social media with criticizing his place of work and making jokes about his dead play-by-play career. Maybe just a situation of losing your filter because you’re counting down the days. One interesting thing of note, wasn’t “Vice President of Digital Media” once Shane McMahon’s position with the company? Hmmm.

    • Was the shoot interview a wwe thing like was he allowed to do it? If so wwe should not have grounds to fire him. I think he might have just let his contract expire.

  2. Did anyone mirror that interview? Never got a chance to see it and would love to!

  3. So he speaks his opinion and loses his job hmmm knowing Vince sounds about right

  4. Now TNA OR ROH needs to hire him

  5. OK, someone has got to have a copy of this interview SOMEWHERE…


  6. here’s the interview –

  7. Not Joey Dtyles Fan | August 8, 2016 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    Wow what a loss (sarcasm) I didn’t even know he was still with the WWE. never liked his style no pun intended ever.

  8. I love Joey Styles.
    1. JR Ross
    2. Bobby Heenan
    3. Marc Lowrance (WCCW)
    4. Lance Russell (USWA)
    5. Joey Styles

  9. Thanks for posting the interview Jerry Adams. That was great. Interesting to hear his perspective and honesty about WWE. I also completely agree about the suicide dives. I wonder if his contract was about to expire anyway. Wish you the best Mr.Styles!!!

  10. Great video, going to talk about this on our next podcast episode: (shameless plug) Thanks Ryan!

  11. Gordon solie was the best “crimson mask”lol and he had a glass of whiskey and cigarettes while doing play by play true legend

  12. he was the best ever on ECW. they never had a real place for him on WWE.

  13. Is it just me or did he not say anything at all too controversial or over the top? He spent half of the interview putting over McMahon and WWE.

  14. There was one Styles too many in the WWE….. and Joey had to go.

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