Joey Styles — Lands New Job with EVOLVE

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Former WWE employee Joey Styles didn’t waste time getting a new job … EVOLVE has declared that he’s now working for them in a “unique role.”

EVOLVE announced his new position Wednesday saying, “Joey Styles has graciously proposed a unique role for himself to the EVOLVE office. We were quick to accept.”

Adding, “At this point in time, Joey wants to cement his legacy in wrestling. In order to do that, he is going to share his knowledge on EVOLVE events with the goal of making EVOLVE a better place”

As we previously reported, Styles was let go from WWE last month seemingly due to a “shoot” interview he did on the company’s Facebook page.

Styles commented on his new position on Twitter saying, “I can now interject myself into EVOLVE events whenever I want.”

Joey’s role with the company commences this weekend at EVOLVE 68 and EVOLVE 69.

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