Joey Ryan Taken to ‘Wrestler’s Court’ For Exposing the Business (VIDEO)

wrestlers court impact wrestling joey ryan tommy dreamer

Impact Wrestling put a spotlight on Joey Ryan being taken to “Wrestler’s Court” this week – and the whole segment is hilarious.

During tonight’s episode of the show, “Judge” Dreamer intercepted Ryan in the bathroom and dragged him to Wrestler’s Court for the hearing (which also involved Johnny Swinger).

The charge? Breaking kayfabe, exposing the business and flipping people with his penis.

Several wrestlers gave statements, including Madison Rayne, D’Lo Brown and a traumatized Kiera Hogan, who says about Ryan, “It’s just … that mustache!”

When asked if he had any final words for the court, Ryan touched on his reputation among those in the business. “Old timers with tennis rackets, or tough guys with chips on their shoulders; they want to blame me for everything that went wrong in their careers.” Adding, “I just don’t think wrestling should be that serious. Wrestling should be fun.”

Judge Dreamer disagreed and found Ryan guilty of “high crimes against the business.”

FUN FACT: The segment was written by former WWE writer R.D. Evans, who now works with Impact.

Watch “Wrestler’s Court” below.