Highspots Issues Statement About Joey Ryan, Says He Won’t Be Receiving Additional Streaming Money

joey ryan highspots sexual abuse allegations

Joey Ryan has wiped his social media accounts clean in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual abuse and now streaming service Highspots is making sure he won’t continue to profit off them.

In a statement provided to POST Wrestling, Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio explained:

“We ended the agreement as it relates to any future money being paid to Joey, therefore we removed Bar Wrestling from HSWN since Bar Wrestling would have received money based on the number of viewers it attracted.”

Bochicchio explained that the Joey Ryan Penis Party was not pulled from the service because Ryan was paid a one-time fee to use his name and made no money from sales. The show will be rebranded as Wrestlecon Penis Party and they will not be doing any future shows under the name.

Highspots has yet to pull any Bar Wrestling DVDs or video downloads because no money would go to Ryan, but Bochicchio said that plan may change in the future.

Since the #SpeakingOut movement began, Ryan has been accused of numerous acts of sexual abuse and harassment. An anonymous female wrestler said he once sexually assaulted her after a show. A former girlfriend alleged Ryan choked her and was verbally abusive. Wrestler Rok-C says Ryan began a flirting with her when she was just 17 years old.

Ryan issued a since-deleted apology on Saturday, in which he declined to comment on specific allegations on advice of his lawyer. He did, however, manage to place partial blame on the fact that he began to live a rock star lifestyle after his “dick flip went viral.”

According to SoCalUncensored, Ryan’s promotion Bar Wrestling has also ceased operations.

His current employer Impact Wrestling has yet to comment on the matter publicly.

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