Joey Ryan Addresses #SpeakingOut Allegations, Denies Nearly Every Single Claim (VIDEO)

joey ryan addresses sexual assault allegations video claims claim

Joey Ryan shared a nearly hour-long video on Saturday addressing every single allegation made against him in the #SpeakingOut movement. 

Ryan begins by saying this video is for his fans who have shown support to him throughout the years, as he feels he owes them a bit of clarity so they don’t have to feel guilt for it.

Joey says the reason he has not commented on the matter yet is because his therapist told him to take a break from social media and his lawyer told him to not comment on any of the allegations until he could look into them due to the severity of some of the claims.

“Since no legal action is being taken, I’m going to address [the allegations] in this video,” he said. “I also felt it was important to respect the movement and allow these women the opportunity to speak and be heard about how they feel and how they felt. But I do believe people should be held accountable for fabricating stories or changing the narrative of stories just so they can be a part of the movement.”

“I do want to make one thing clear: I have never had sex with a woman without her consent. I have never acted criminally towards a woman. And I have never acted criminally with sex. And unlike these allegations, I have actual evidence that can show you that.”

“I have never used any clout or any kind of influence I have in wrestling to get people to do anything that they don’t want to do or I’ve never used it for personal gain.”

He also claims he’s never been sexually charged during a match or turned on by wrestling.

Joey says that when the allegations made about him first started coming up he felt like he was “going crazy” because the stories he was reading about himself were very different than how he remembered them happening. He then claims he started digging through old text messages /direct mesages with the women in question and found “evidence” disputing almost all of the claims made against him.

Ryan then makes the following claims: 

  • Regarding a claim from someone who said he actively pursued the guy’s fiancé and was instrumental in helping ruin the person’s life; Joey says the woman never mentioned being engaged or having a boyfriend when she came to Los Angeles. 
  • Regarding a fan who claimed Joey propositioned him to grab his penis, then grabbed the guy at the same time behind a merch table; Ryan claims this is untrue
  • Regarding a claim that he assaulted a woman in a bathroom at a wedding; Joey claims they had been drinking and snuck to the bathroom to make out. He then claims she performed a consensual sex act on him. After this, Joey says she continually tried to go on dates with him and have threesomes with other parties which he showed evidence of. He believes that she wouldn’t have done this if she felt like he had assaulted her.
  • Regarding a claim from from former With Spandex editor Danielle Matheson, alleging Ryan used his mental health issues to sexually abuse her in 2019; Joey claims he did confide in her and that they shared a hotel room in 2019. He also shows messages between them showing it was her idea, as well as a message showing she consented beforehand to “cuddling.” Joey additionally shares a retraction she had to make about Trent Seven in the Speaking Out movement to discredit her character.
  • Regarding an anonymous claim which said he forced himself on a woman in a hotel room; Joey claims it was consensual and that he stopped when she got weirded out because they knew each other’s exes.
  • Regarding another anonymous claim that he sexually assaulted a friend of his in a hotel room; he says it was consensual and that they both regretted it after because it changed their relationship. He was also friends with her significant other, so he felt bad. 
  • Regarding claims made by wrestler Elayna Black saying he was inappropriately direct messaging her; Joey denies all of her claims and shows evidence of their messages.
  • Regarding a claim that he only booked a girl on one of his shows on her 18th birthday so she would touch his penis in the ring; Joey claims it was part of an ongoing storyline they had both been excited about. He also talks about how he offered to make out with her after she turned 18, but when she said no he respected it.
  • Regarding claims made by wrestler Alex Gracia in which she said he surprised her by walking out of the bathroom naked while she was in his hotel room; Joey claims this was a case of him completing misreading signals. He says that because she was trying to talk and hang out often, he thought she wanted to hook up. Ryan also shares a slew of messages from her just showing she was being nice to him, not saying anything sexual at all. He goes on to say that his ego caused him to be impatient because he didn’t want to spend a lot of time courting her, as he felt the long conversations they had already shared together were enough. At the end of this part, he apologizes to her since she was just trying to be a good friend and he took it another way. 
  • Joey also mentions wrestler Allie Kat and says he believes it was irresponsible of her to lead people to believe he sexually assaulted her. He then claims they had a “very consensual” threesome with another female wrestler. “You also wrestled me at a later date and not only were agreeable to all of the penis-related offense, but also pitching ideas yourself and I feel like if you felt traumatized by me you wouldn’t be so eager to do this match,” he added.
  • Regarding claims made by two women from the “Not Your Demo” podcast saying he was inappropriate with them in a hotel room; Joey claims they told him beforehand that it was a nude podcast interview and he attempted to call their bluff on it. When they said they didn’t want to do it though, he “immediately retracted” and apologized. One of the girls, however, allegedly hooked up with Joey in a hotel room after this incident. 
  • Regarding a claim from a woman who said he was inappropriate with her in a car while married; Joey says he didn’t remember this incident at all, but he later apologized and she accepted.
  • Regarding a ring announcer from the UK who claimed he came on to her in a very strong manner during an afterparty; Joey claims he also doesn’t remember this incident but is still sorry if he made her feel uncomfortable.
  • Regarding wrestler Vanessa Kraven claiming he tried to pressure her into sex on multiple occasions, as well as use his influence in wrestling for personal gain; Joey claims he believes the flirting between them was always mutual, as evidenced by her saying they kissed. 
  • Regarding wrestler Jetta claiming he tried to pressure her into having sex after shows; Ryan claims he drunkenly came on to her in a strong manner at an afterparty. When she said no, however, he respected her wishes. As far as a claim she made about him trying to get into her hotel room once, he says that didn’t happen and that he had sex with a local fan from France that night.
  • Regarding a claim from a woman who said he was inappropriate with her at a bar while she was underage and intoxicated; Joey says he DID flirt with her at the bar, but freaked out when he learned she was only 16 and allowed to be in a bar. 
  • Regarding a claim from ex-girlfriend named Victoria who said he hurt her during sex; Joey claims she was an adult film star who requested he do rough things when they were intimate. “So, I wanted to be a considerate lover and attempt these things that I really am not into. And didn’t really know how to do. But I tried my best and I remember one time her complaining that I choked her too hard. But all of these theatrics that she cooked up afterwards never happened,” he said. Joey also says they had a bad breakup and that he believes she’s trying to hurt him because she still holds a grudge.

Joey also mentions being released by Impact because of the claims. He notes that they never reached out to him after announcing they were investigating the situation and says they were just “chasing the clout” by firing him from the promotion.

He also claims to be thinking about taking legal recourse regarding the false claims.

Watch the video below.