Recent Legal Charges Against Joey Mercury Dismissed

joey mercury charges dropped arrest

Joey Mercury’s lawyer has released a statement claiming recent legal charges against the ex-WWE star were dropped due to his client being out of the country when the crimes were committed.

According to PWInsider, Mercury was accused of using stolen credit cards earlier this year at a Foot Action location and Champs. 

The statement from Joey’s lawyer reads as follows:

I am the attorney of record for Mr. Adam Birch, While I am pleased that his cases have been dismissed based on his actual innocence (not a legal technicality), I want you to know that the fact that he was arrested and charged in two cases in which he was never involved in is an embarrassment to our criminal justice system. The actions of the Winter Park, Florida Police Department represents the sloppiest and most incompetent police work anywhere. Mr. Birch never should have been charged with either of those crimes. A review of the evidence which was on videotape makes it absolutely clear that the perpetrator of the crimes was not Adam Birch. Furthermore, the fact that Adam Birch was not in the United States when the crimes were committed illustrates the absurdity and grave injustice in charging and causing the arrest of Mr. Birch.

While we are grateful that the Orange County State Attorney’s office ultimately realized that Mr. Birch was absolutely innocent, it took them too long to do so. Mr. Birch has suffered irreparable harm to his excellent reputation all because of disgraceful police work. He was arrested in Chicago and subjected to inhumane treatment while he was incarcerated in Chicago and during his transport to Florida from Illinois, before he could post a bond and be released.

On a personal note, I have found Adam Birch to be an absolute gentleman in all of my dealings with him. 

For those unaware, Mercury was taken into custody during the weekend of All In after officers found him sleeping in his car near the location of Starrcast and an outstanding warrant was discovered.

PWInsider reports one of the charges has yet to be dropped officially, but it should be happening soon.