Joey Janela Reveals Details of Second Encounter With Enzo Amore (VIDEO)

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Following their public altercation at a Blink 182 show over the summer, AEW star Joey Janela says he and Enzo Amore had a second encounter in which things were much more civil.

On the latest episode of “Wrestlers On The Road Ordering Room Service,” Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks spoke with “The Bad Boy” about his ongoing feud with Amore. 

Janela claims the meeting took place a few weeks ago and began with Enzo walking up to him offering a big hug. He then asked Joey if he was more sober than the last time they met and allegedly said, “We really got ’em, now let’s make some money.”

“I was like ‘Dude, no. I was drunk and I really tried to fight you,'” Joey added. 

Janela says Enzo also brought a food offering to the show for the workers — mozzarella and bread.

Check out the full interview below. The Enzo story begins around 1:30.