Jimmy Uso Catches a Break Following Altercation With Police Officer

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Jimmy Uso has caught a break, legally speaking, as he got off pretty lightly for an altercation last month in Michigan involving police.

According to TMZ, the 33-year-old WWE superstar pled no contest after being charged for interfering with a government employee. He was subsequently ordered to pay $450 in fines and wont have to serve any jail time.

As we previously reported, Jimmy was arrested back in February when he and his wife Naomi were pulled over for driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street in Detroit.

Jimmy allegedly got out of the car, took off his shirt and squared up to the police officer who had pulled them over. Jimmy calmed down, however, once the officer pulled out a stun gun. He was then taken into custody where he later posted bond.

The Usos won the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships a few days later at the Elimation Chamber pay-per-view.

This is one trip to “The Uso Penitentiary” that Jimmy is most certainly glad to miss. 


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