Jimmy Snuka — WWE Legend May Only Have Six Months Left to Live … According to His Doctor

jimmy snuka 6 months left to live cancer health court hearing murder trial

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jimmy Snuka‘s health has taken a turn for the worst … and it was revealed in court today that he may only have six months left to live.

According to reporter Sarah Cassi, who was in court, Snuka skype’d in via tablet due to his health worsening after a trip to the ER this week.

The 73-year-old was apparently hospitalized after suffering hysteria and delusions. His wife also said he tries to leave the house, thinks he’s going to wrestle and then gets mad when he can’t leave.

Prosecutors were told by Snuka’s doctor that he’s become terminal and may die in the next six months.

No ruling was made today as to his competency in the murder case this whole thing centers around. The judge, however, requested records of the ex-wrestler’s treatments for the past 6 months.

We’ll keep you updated when a decision is made.