Jimmy Snuka — Victorious in Court Battle … Homicide Charges Dropped

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More than a year ago WWE legend Jimmy Snuka was charged with the 33-year-old murder of girlfriend Nancy Argentino … but as of today, the charges have been dropped.

The Morning Call reports that a Lehigh County, Pennsylvania judge dismissed the charges of third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in a closed-door hearing today in Allentown.

The decision comes after Snuka’s attorney Robert Kirwin filed a motion for dismissal following the ruling that Snuka was found to be incompetent to stand trial.

Kirwin commented on the judge’s decision saying, “It was time for there to be closure. The medical evidence showed that he was not getting better, and in fact he’s getting worse.”  Furthermore, it was revealed in court last month that Snuka may only have six months to live.

As you may recall, Argentino died in 1983 and her case was reopened in 2013.  Snuka was arrested for her death in September of 2015. The District Attorney’s office says they are presently considering what their next move is.