Jimmy Jacobs Says Stint in Rehab Changed His Outlook on Life Prior to WWE Release (AUDIO)

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Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs opened up about his release on Talk is Jericho this week and said a stint in rehab earlier this year changed his outlook on life prior to leaving the company.

As we first reported, Jacobs’ now infamous photo with Bullet Club during their Raw invasion was the final straw in his firing — but Jimmy says his rehab stay for an opiate addiction gave him new perspective that the job maybe wasn’t the best fit for him anymore.

The wrestler explained, “It was the weekend of your [Jericho] last week in WWE, so I was really upset. I finally was on the floor of one of my best friend’s apartments and I was just like ‘yo, I need to go to rehab. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep living the way I’m living.”

Jacobs says he was unable to get clean on his own afterward, so in April he went to a rehab facility for thirty days to clear his head and get sober. When he came out though, things felt different.

“The things that did seem important all of a sudden didn’t seem that important anymore.” Jimmy continued, “The importance of WWE being the mecca of life all of a sudden didn’t exist.” The 33-year-old also realized that he missed performing and didn’t enjoy not dressing like himself.

“Am I a mastermind and ran an angle with the hottest act outside of WWE to get myself fired from WWE? No. I wasn’t trying to get fired. But, man … I wasn’t trying to NOT get fired.”

Jimmy says he’s now been sober for 7-months.

If you – or anyone you know – are struggling with addiction, HELP IS AVAILABLE.