Jimmy Jacobs Says He Was Writing Promos for ‘Guys That Couldn’t Hold My Microphone’ in WWE (VIDEO)

jimmy jacobs promo wrestlecircus couldn't hold microphone

Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs appeared at a WrestleCircus event this weekend to cut his first promo since getting fired and the wrestler didn’t hold back.

Jacobs interrupted Sami Callihan after his match and said it felt good to be back because this was the first time he’d walked through a curtain in years. Adding, “For the past two and a half years, I’ve been wearing a suit and tie and writing promos for guys that couldn’t hold my microphone.”

Jimmy then ran down Callihan and noted that being fired for taking a selfie with The Young Bucks was “pretty cool.” He also said he’s getting back into ring shape.

This all obviously led to a brawl and can be seen in full below.

It’s worth noting that after the show he also tweeted saying, “For the record, I have zero bitter feelings towards WWE. I had a great two and a half years there. But now I’m very excited to perform again”

Welcome back Zombie Princess!