Jimmy Jacobs Defends WWE Creative, ‘Writing a Wrestling TV Show Isn’t an Easy Task’

jimmy jacobs wwe defends creative team

While it may be easy to complain about WWE TV from afar, former member of the creative team Jimmy Jacobs took to the net last night to remind everyone that writing year-round shows is hard.

It all started after the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez shared an article about this week’s Raw ratings saying the numbers were embarrassing. “Writing a 3 hour wrestling tv show every single week is f*ckin hard,” Jacobs replied.

One fan replied pointing out the repetitive matches often seen on WWE programming and Jimmy responded: “You gotta fill 3 hours of tv a week and there’s a limited roster. You run out of fresh matches to do so you try to keep things going a lot of times longer than you may want to.”

“I know very little & what I do know is bounded on all sides by infinite ignorance,” he wrote in a later tweet. “I can only speak to my experiences. In those experiences I’ve found writing a wrestling tv show isn’t an easy task. Thanks to all that engaged in meaningful dialogue with me! I love the passion!”

Former WWE writer Tom Casiello also chimed in via Twitter on the topic. 

“When I left soaps, other writers said “wrestling should be a breeze after this”. I wrote an hour of scripted TV in 3 days, 50 wks/yr for 12 years. How tough could this be?”

Casiello then answered that question in a string of tweets:

“I compare it to Newman’s speech re: the post office on Seinfeld. Anyone can do it for a week. And then another week. And another. But keep going. Don’t repeat matches too much. Don’t repeat finishes. Don’t be predictable. Don’t be too wrasslin’. Be new. Be innovative. 600 hrs/yr. Throw in 3 AM nights, dinner at gas stations, a senior level that can’t agree on anything, an audience that desperately wants to hate you while they give you their $, zero credit when something manages to go right…oh, and be a director, producer, stage manager and therapist.

But in spite of all of that, we still did it. Every damn week. Because we had a passion for it. Underneath allllllll the bullsh*t. I may just be “one of those soap writers”, but Scoville has one of the greatest wrestling minds I’ve ever encountered. Listen to him.”

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