Jim Ross — Locked Out of Twitter After Death Hoax … ‘I’m Healthy, But Not Happy’

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has been left high and dry after his Twitter page was hacked Saturday night … but Good Ol’ JR tells us tech people are working hard to get it back from the person who orchestrated his death hox

Jim Ross tells Pro Wrestling Sheet once he became aware of the hack, it was too late … his email and password for the account had already been changed and he was unable to reset the password.

For those who missed it, JR’s account tweeted a link to a supposed “family statement” last night saying he had passed away peacefully in his sleep — setting wrestling fans into a panic.

The announcer’s page was suspended shortly after and he’s been working all morning to get it back — including reaching out to Twitter and putting his tech team on the case.

Jim adds, “I’m healthy, but not happy.”