Jim Ross Addresses Absence from AEW During Coronavirus Pandemic

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AEW announcer Jim Ross explained in a new interview why he’s been absent from Dynamite as of late during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with Nick Hausman of WrestlingInc.com, JR said the following:

“Tony Khan and I had a very long, thoughtful talk that he initiated. I’m an asset to that company in his view, mine too. I hope it is anyway, that’s what you want to be. And he said, ‘I gotta protect ya, cause I know you won’t protect yourself.’ And he’s pretty much right. So, in any event, the decision was made to stay home for a couple of weeks. I won’t be on Dynamite this week or next, until we see where this thing is headed. If it gets worse, I’m 68. I’m in the high-risk group. I don’t want to die! I don’t want to get the flu because my ego says, ‘Well, you gotta be on TV! You’re gonna lose your spot! Oh, I can’t lose my spot, but then I won’t get my push!'” 

Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana have filled in on commentary in the absence of the regular announce team while AEW continues to film content.

The full interview with Jim Ross can be HEARD HERE.

Listen to the clip addressing the decision for him to stay home below.