Jim Cornette Challenges Vince Russo to an ACTUAL Fight in Expletive Filled Rant (NSFW AUDIO)

jim cornette vince russo actual fight challenge audio

The rivalry between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo just escalated — because the former wrestling manager has challenged the controversial writer to an ACTUAL FIGHT … with some stipulations.

Cornette and Russo have hated each other for years, but things heated up again after Jim and Eric Bischoff bashed Vince on a recent episode of Table for 3 — causing all sides to start hurling insults.

Things got taken to a new level though on the most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience when the host went on a 10-minute expletive filled rant to outline his offer.

“But here’s the rules,” Jim explains. “No cops, no guns, and no knives and we both come alone. And what happens, happens. Nobody makes a dime off of it, nobody gets any publicity off of it, nobody’s even gonna know it’s gonna happen until after it happens when nobody hears from you anymore.”

He also says he’ll bring $5,000 and if Vince can take it from him, he can keep it.

As crazy as all of this sounds, you know you’d watch this fight.

Listen to the audio below. Warning it’s EXTREMELY NSFW!

UPDATE: Russo has released his response, but it’s much less entertaining. Basically, he’s not down.