Jerry Lawler Says Piped In Reactions During Crowdless Shows Would Help

jerry lawler wwe raw no audience crowd piped in audio

WWE has now held two shows from the Performance Center without an audience and announcer Jerry Lawler says piping in reactions from a non-existent crowd could help going forward.

Speaking with Commercial Appeal, Lawler stated:

“I’ve been to (football) training camps where the players go through their practice sessions with loud music or crowd noise piped in…”

“I don’t think it would hurt anything at all if they piped in some crowd noise behind the matches. And even explain it to the fans. It’ll make the matches more entertaining and it’ll make it easier for the performers themselves.”

The 70-year-old also confirmed talent and crew have their temperature taken prior to entering the WWE Performance Center for the tapings. According to sources, there’s a team of physicians testing everyone to make sure people entering the facility are not sick.

“How do you entertain when you don’t have a live audience,” Lawler additionally asked. “That’s how you judge whether you’re being entertaining or not — the crowd response. When nobody’s there, you can’t tell.”