Jerry Lawler — Wrestling at Event Called ‘Night in the Slammer’ Before Arrest (PHOTO)

Jerry Lawler Slammer night in arrested domestic violence suspended wwe

WWE announcer Jerry Lawler wrestled a cage match prior to his arrest this morning … and it was at the most coincidentally named event of all time — Night in the Slammer.

The show was being thrown by Wild Fire Wrestling in Memphis and The King tagged with Bill Dundee in the main event against Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert. Yes, they all still wrestle.

As we previously reported, Lawler was arrested early this morning after getting into a domestic dispute with his fiancee. Both sides have told very different stories.

In a phone interview from jail, Jerry noted how ironic it was that he wrestled on a show titled “Night in the Slammer” hours before his arrest. ¬†And we’d have to agree with him wholeheartedly.