Jerry Lawler Paid Tribute to Grandmaster Sexay at Local Event (VIDEO)

jerry lawler tribute grandmaster sexay brian christopher james ellsworth vest

Two day after Brian Christopher‘s burial, Jerry Lawler wrestled at an indie event and paid tribute to his son by wearing one of Grandmaster Sexay’s vests.

“The King” faced-off against James Ellsworth at a USA Championship Wrestling event in Jackson, Tennessee on Sunday and spoke to the crowd before the match.

The wrestling legend thanked everyone for their support, then got into a war of words with Ellsworth before things got physical. The match last around 15 minutes and Lawler picked up the win after hitting the piledriver.

As we previously reported, Lawler’s attorney has started to raise concerns about Brian’s suicide.

Ellsworth tweeted after the match saying, “Just wrestled the most emotional match of my career Words can’t describe the amount of respect I have for [Jerry Lawler]. It’s a true honor and pleasure to share the ring with him always.”

 Video footage of the match is available below, but the quality isn’t very good.

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