Jerry Lawler Sounds Off on Sexual Assault Allegations, PC Culture and Female Wrestler Equality (AUDIO)

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Strap yourself in … because Jerry Lawler has some polarizing opinions on old sexual assault allegations being brought to light, PC culture and female wrestlers being treated the same as men.

On a recent episode of Dinner With The King, Lawler was asked if he thought there’d be any scandals coming out of pro wrestling following the recent wave of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood.

Jerry replied, “It appears that eventually anybody that’s ever flirted with anybody, or had any kind of sexual contact with anybody, is all of a sudden you could potentially be a target in the future.”

King’s co-host pushed his original question further and re-iterated that he was talking about serious accusations — like someone waking up to a sex act unwillingly being performed on them — to which Lawler started laughing. He then attempted to compare that to male wrestlers pranking each other by taking photos of their genitals next to a sleeping friend’s face.

“At the time, you’re thinking ‘this is totally harmless.’ But then all of a sudden, 15-years-later, that photograph shows up somewhere … it’s gonna offend somebody. That’s the way the country has become. Everything 99% of the people may think is done in jest, or whatever, and all of a sudden that 1% out there is gonna be offended by it. And that 1% can speak up as loudly as the other 99% cannot.”

Glenn Moore, the show’s co-host, once agains tries to explain his question and says he’s talking about someone using their authoritative position to entice someone into doing something sexually against their will. King finally responds saying he’s never heard of that happening.

Lawler then goes on a rant about not being able to say Attitude Era-like quips on commentary anymore, Bra & Panties matches being the highlight of the shows back in the day and how “we’ve gone so far now” that they have to treat women “the same as the men” by not calling them Divas.

Listen to the full clip below, which was uploaded to their Youtube channel over the weekend.

4 Comments on "Jerry Lawler Sounds Off on Sexual Assault Allegations, PC Culture and Female Wrestler Equality (AUDIO)"

  1. Many women use their vaginas as a atm machine to get what they want then cry they get no respect.Also funny how women cry they want equal pay & stuff yet oh do this & that for us it’s too heavy & hard

  2. Will Henderson | December 4, 2017 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Yeah, we are in a generation of PC culture that it needs a nickname besides “Social Justice Warriors”. and that is this, we are living in Generation W(oke), cause every one of the SJWs are claiming they are “Woke”

  3. We treat ATM’s like ATM’s. Maybe if women weren’t marketing themselves as sex ATM’s, men wouldn’t take them as they present themselves. When we call women out on it, we are just “shaming” them. When women call out men for being MEN, they get patted on the back like some kind of survivor lol. Men like sex. Women like sex. Recent studies show promiscuity is a bigger problem in women now than men. Women are manipulative with their sex and often use their sex as currency to gain power over men or in general. Not to mention the growing amount of single mothers using their children as pity me pawns to destroy the life of the man who was stupid enough to put a baby in her and wave that kid around like a testament to their wonderful mothering skills, meanwhile behind the scenes she pawns the kid off on a sitter or her family to go out and sleep around some more.

    If women don’t want to be treated like sexual ATM’s by men, then maybe they should stop handing out their vagina’s as currency for men to use just so they can whine and complain about how horrible men are later.

    Women victimize themselves at the expense of men every single day and this is why men choose not to even bother or even worse, go MGTOW.

    Men are no longer the oppressive class, love. Sorry.

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