Jerry Lawler Expresses Doubt Over Brian Christopher’s Alleged Suicide (AUDIO)

brian christopher jerry lawler doubt suicide audio interview jail sheriff

Police say Brian Christopher hung himself in jail before his untimely death, but Jerry Lawler is now publicly expressing doubt over whether that is true.

On the latest episode of Dinner With King, a distraught Lawler opened up about everything that occurred surrounding Brian’s death and near the end of the episode said, “A lot of people have expressed, as I have, doubts as to whether Brian really did actually commit suicide.”

“Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is working on investigating what went on at the jail,” said King. “I don’t have any results from that yet, but I have my doubts as well. We’ve been contacted by inmates that were in the jail with Brian that said they don’t believe what was told is actually what happened.”

Lawler goes on to say he doesn’t want to believe his son committed suicide, but he also doesn’t believe his doubts are due to the grieving process — as he questioned how someone would even get the tools for a hanging while in solitary confinement. 

In addition, King says the Sheriff promised he’d keep an eye on Brian after his last arrest and assured Jerry that inside the jail was the best place for his son to rehabilitate.

Listen to the heartbreaking episode below.