Jerry Lawler — Domestic Assault Charges Dropped … It Was All a “Misunderstanding”

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The domestic assault charges that were filed against Jerry Lawler and his fiancee Lauryn McBride have been dropped … and apparently it was all a “big misunderstanding.”

According to, the charges stemming from the pair’s June 17th arrest were dismissed in court today and Lawler’s attorney Ted Hansom said it was “a big misunderstanding and won’t happen again.” He also said they are “happy with the outcome.”

You may recall that the couple’s arrest happened the morning after Lawler wrestled in an event called Night in the Slammer. As a result of the arrest, WWE suspended Lawler indefinitely.

On June 20th, a judge ordered each party to stay away from the other. Given the dismissal of charges though, that order is presumably dropped as well.  As far as WWE welcoming Lawler back with open arms, that remains to be seen.

At least they can have a wedding now?

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